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History of street homelessness

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No, due to legislative differences. It is recommended to explore the GSS Homeless Statistics Homeless tool to explore concepts and comparability:

Footnote (FULL)

The percentages were created using the number of households with a history of street homelessness over the number of households who were assessed as homeless in that same time period

Associated sources


Number of households owed a homelessness duty with a history of street homelessness


Homelessness statistics


Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Geographical coverage


Time period

2018 Q2 - 2022 Q2



Earliest available data

2018 Q2

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Data is available under "Statutory homelessness" heading within link

Households figures are 2018-based household projection figures ( 2018 household figures used for all 4 quarters of 2018; 2019 household figures used for all 4 quarters of 2019 etc.

Data preceding Q2 2018 is not directly comparable with this time series. Data following Q2 2018 regards duties applicable under the HRA 2017.

The introduction of initial homelessness duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act in Q2 2018 represents a break in the time series, as households now receive a minimum of 56 days assistance prior to being assessed for and owed a main duty.